Orchid Ziziphus Shower Gel


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Manfaat Orchid Ziziphus Shower Gel :


  • Aromaterapi orkid memberi sentuhan pada emosi & memori yang bakal membuat anda tersenyum dengan imbauan memori yang nostalgik dan rasa keunikan diri.
  • Menghilangkan rasa halangan mental ketika melakukan aktiviti yang memerlukan kreativiti.


Pudina Ziziphus Shower Gel benefits:


  • The orchid aroma will make you smile with satisfaction, while it evokes your nostalgic memories, relaxing your mind and emotion.
  • Eliminating mental blocks, especially when you are engaging in activities that are creative in nature.
  • The unique aroma will leave you feeling special and worthy.
  • It is very suitable for those who are trying to focus and increase self-confidence.

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